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Radanovich Blasts Dems Health Care Reform Legislation

Washington, D.C. — Republican Congressman George Radanovich took the House floor this week to blast President Obama and the Democrats for their health care system reform legislation.

"This mark up is on the Committee bill to reform our health care system, ironically titled America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. It is ironic because the majority chose to use the words affordable and choices in the title of a bill that in reality is neither affordable nor provides choice. Our country cannot afford these enormous tax increases on our small businesses, the very businesses we are depending on to create new jobs and lead us out of a recession. Nor should Americans be forced to make choices like meeting all the mandates on coverage created by the government or paying the new taxes to support the public plan.

This bill supplants the sacred relationship between a patient and their doctor with bureaucratic rule and government control. And let’s be very clear on that point; this bill is a government coup of the American health care system, a giant leap towards a government run single payer system.

I have serious concerns about the effect on the doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in my district and their ability to provide care based on reimbursements that have already proven to be too low. Access to care is one of the largest health care problems we currently face. It defies logic to think that creating a new entitlement that underpays providers somehow solves the problem. It is not enough to provide new insurance to the uninsured … they have to be able to use that insurance to get care.

I wish we had taken the time to work together to fix the problem in our health care system, especially access to care. Instead we are being forced to meet "windows of opportunity" to jam through proposals that have not been properly scored or vetted to find out their true ramifications on Americans. That is something I cannot support."