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Cogdill Speaks Out On Legislature’s Budget Failure

Sacramento, CA — Senator Dave Cogdill pointed a finger at the Democrats as the chief cause of the Legislature’s inability to eliminate the $26.3 billion shortfall.

Cogdill commented, “It’s just a matter of bringing our Democratic colleagues to the realization that we can’t spend more money than we have. We have done all that we can in the areas of borrowing and raising revenues in tough times. They (Democrats) need to come to the realization that as much as they hate to cut so many programs as do we but the realities are what they are. The failure of the Legislature to recognize that doesn’t help that at all.”

Wednesday Governor Schwarzenegger blasted the Legislature for not ridding the state of so many abuses and wasteful spending. Cogdill echoed those thoughts with the statement, “In the Human Services area California’s welfare plan is a joke. It’s known as the Cadillac Plan of Welfare. It goes well beyond what the Federal Government believes is necessary. In fact we actually subject ourselves to massive fines because we do not adhere to the federal guidelines. It’s ridiculous … the fraud is rampant and everybody knows it.”

Cogdill added that he hopes excessive pressure will be placed on the Democrats to modify their stance and do what is right for California. He feels that California’s credit rating which ranks 50th in the U.S. and the issuance of I.O.U.s effective today will be a part of that pressure. 

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