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Courthouse Park Hosts Sonora’s Second Tea Party

Sonora, CA — Hundreds of Mother Lode residents turned out today at noon for Sonora’s second Tea Party at Courthouse Park.

Event Organizer Jan Higgins was not at all surprised by the extremely large turnout. She credited the FOX television network for promoting Tea Parties throughout the country.

From Sonora’s L.D. Wright, “I knew we were going to have change with Obama but I never felt it was going to be this bad. You can see he has no understanding of what he’s doing plus the fact that he doesn’t have any experience to support himself.”

From Stan Flake, “I’m here to support a reduction in our government spending and to cut taxes. I’d like to see a lot less government. I think we’d do a whole lot better if we had a little less government.”

From John Moyle, “I’m disgusted with the way things are going. It’s too much government … just flat too much government.”