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Governor Schwarzenegger Honors Fallen Officers

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was Tuesday´s KVML Newsmaker with his weekly radio address. Here are his words:

“Hi, this is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with another California Report.

Too often we take for granted the courage and the sacrifice our law enforcement officers show every day across California.

These are the brave men and women who patrol our streets, protect our children and allow us to feel safe and secure, as we go about our everyday lives.

Our peace officers know the great dangers in the world today.

Yet they are willing, at a moment´s notice, to jump into action and confront and defeat that danger.

That is true courage, true heroism.

And tragically, a week ago today, 4 of California´s most courageous heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives during gun battles in Oakland.

These 4 brave souls from the Oakland Police Department are: Officer John Hege, and Sergeants Mark Dunakin, Ervin Romans and Daniel Sakai.

This is the worst tragedy to strike our law enforcement community in nearly 40 years and it is a solemn reminder of the danger our peace officers face every day.

Of course when I got that terrible news and that terrible phone call last Saturday night my thoughts and prayers immediately turned to the families.

They have suffered a loss most of us cannot even imagine, and all Californians send our deepest sympathies.

I also want to thank the families of these fallen officers and all law enforcement families because you too are great heroes.

My father was a police officer and I remember the danger and the terrible uncertainty I used to feel as a young boy.

I know that the bravery our men and women in uniform display every day does not just come from themselves.

That courage and that character also comes from the strength and support of their families.

In fact yesterday I attended the Funeral Service in Oakland and I met with the family members of those fallen officers.

I was inspired by their incredible strength in the midst of such great loss.

Let us never forget the thousands of peace officers who will continue to suit up and go to work every day to protect and watch over us.

They are the real action heroes and we are forever in their debt.

Thank you for listening.”

The Newsmaker of the Day can be heard each weekday morning at 6:47, 7:47 and 8:47 on AM-1450 KVML.

Written by mark@mlode.com