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Radanovich Blasts Signing Of Stimulus Package

Washington, D.C. – 19th District Congressional Representative George Radanovich blasted the signing of the $787 billion Stimulus Package by President Obama today.

Radanovich reiterated that, "It is a spending package and it’s designed not so much I believe to stimulate the economy as much as it is securing the dependency of millions of Americans on the federal government from here into the future and preserving the new Democratic majority."

Radanovich added that, in his opinion, "Out of the package there may be only seven to 10 percent that might have a direct effect on job creation which is mainly tax incentives for small businesses. Beyond that it is really an array of spending that is payback for a lot of people that got Obama the presidency and a liberal constituency and I think what they are going to do here is to solidify that base so they can keep control of the White House, the Senate and the House."

He says package waste includes $40 billion for the arts which produces no new jobs, $600 million for a fleet of new cars for government employees and $30 million for golf carts.

Written by bill.johnson@mlode.com