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Cogdill Out As Senate Republican Leader

Sacramento, CA — California still finds itself without a new budget early this morning but a major event did take place shortly after midnight when it was announced that Dave Cogdill was forced by his peers to step down as the Senate Republican leader.

In Cogdill’s own words, "Today is a setback but Senate Republicans will continue to work toward a solution. Tonight our Caucus has chosen to move forward with budget negotiations with new leadership in place. I will work toward a smooth transition as Senator Dennis Hollingsworth assumes the duties as the new Senate Republican Leader."

"My primary goal in leading this Caucus has always been to maintain unity within our dynamic membership. I know this would be a daunting task with the state’s precarious fiscal situation, but it was a challenge I was honored to take.

While there are many things to dislike in this budget, I am proud it contains the vital reforms our Caucus has been pushing for – fixing our broken budget system, making government more efficient, giving flexibility to schools to direct more money to the classroom and creating more jobs in our state. It is now painfully apparent that this package will not achieve the votes needed to pass the Legislature.

Inaction is not an option. The consequences of an extended budget impasse will be catastrophic, hurting real Californians and bringing irreversible damage to our state’s finances and economy. Lawmakers must pass a comprehensive budget solution right away if we are going to prevent California from falling off the financial cliff.

Californians who paid their taxes in good faith deserve their tax refund checks, not paper IOUs. Counties could go bankrupt and stop services to Californians in need. Additionally public sector inaction hurts the private sector. Thousands of infrastructure projects across the state have stopped costing tens of thousands of jobs at a time when we are facing record high unemployment."

Written by bill.johnson@mlode.com