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Six Ballot Measures Listed By The State

Sacramento, CA — Californians will definitely have a say in the final budget that was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger last week.

On May 19 voters will go the poll to say "yea" or "nay" to the following measures:

Proposition 1A; Rainy Day Fund, Proposition 1B; School Money, Proposition 1C; Lottery Modernization, Proposition 1D; Proposition 10 (First Five) Modification, Proposition 1E; Proposition 63 Mental Health Modification and Proposition 1F; Legislative Pay.

Sonora City Administrator Greg Applegate confirms that if any of these propositions are defeated the state will have to find a way to fund (backfill) these areas which could ignite still more budget negotiations in Sacramento.

Written by bill.johnson@mlode.com