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Reaction From Area Lawmakers To State Of The State Address

Sacramento, CA — Area lawmakers have chimed in regarding Governor Schwarzenegger´s State of the State address delivered earlier today.

“The Governor´s decision to dispense with primetime pageantry of years past is appropriate in light of California´s dire financial condition,” says Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill. “We see eye to eye on the fact that getting unemployed Californians back to work is vital to our economic recovery, and I´ve been pleased with his insistence that economic stimulus must be an integral component of any budget package.”

Democratic Lt. Governor John Garamendi felt that more issues should have been addressed saying, “The speech was extremely disappointing because the Governor stated the obvious and was very lean on solutions.”

“Democrats in the Legislature have offered compromise after compromise and the Governor vetoed their proposals, directly pulling the plug on public works projects.”

“There wasn´t much meat in it, but I think that was by design,” states Republican Assemblyman Tom Berryhill. “Everybody is concentrating on the budget, as we should be. I think there is an opportunity to make some major reforms.”

The Governor said that California is in a state of emergency, and felt it was not the appropriate time to talk about education, infrastructure, water or healthcare reform.

Written by BJ Hansen