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Schwarzenegger Discusses National Guard Change

Governor Schwarzenegger was Tuesday’s KVML Newsmaker of the Day. Here are his words:

“Hello, this is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with another California Report.

There is so much I love about being Governor of this great state.

But my proudest role is Commander-in-Chief of the California National Guard.

We have the bravest, the best-trained and the hardest-working soldiers and airmen in the world.

Now, this week I had the privilege of participating in one of our military’s oldest and finest traditions, the Change of Command Ceremony.

I welcomed our Guard’s new leader, Brigadier General Mary Kight and said good bye to and thanked its outgoing leader General William Wade.

Now, General Wade has been such an outstanding leader and partner.

For the last five years he has led our Guard through some of the most trying times in this state and this nation’s history. During his tenure, thousands of Guard troops have served overseas in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Kosovo.

Our soldiers and airmen were in New Orleans pulling stranded people from rooftops during Hurricane Katrina.

They spent two years helping to secure our southwest border.

And even as his troops were scattered all around the world, General Wade made sure the Guard could still fulfill its responsibilities here at home.

He led the Guard’s response to floods, earthquakes and mudslides.

And we’ll never forget their extraordinary efforts during the Southern California firestorms, when they helped pull our state thru the darkest of days.

General Wade was also a great advocate for the men and women whom he led.

He created one of the most comprehensive mental health programs in the country and fought to give his men and women the education benefits they deserve.

So I want to thank General Wade for his service, for his sacrifice and for making California a safer and stronger state.

At the same time, I want to welcome his successor, Brigadier General Mary Kight.
General Kight has more than 30 years of distinguished military service.

I’m especially proud that General Kight is the first female adjutant general in California history and the first female African-American adjutant general in our nation’s history.

Like General Wade, General Kight will be a war-time leader and will face great challenges. But I have confidence in her ability and in her leadership.

In closing, I want to thank both General Wade and General Kight.

And on behalf of all Californians I want to thank all of our soldiers and airmen for being, as their motto says, Always ready. Always there.

Thank you for listening.”

The “Newsmaker of the Day” is heard every weekday morning on AM 1450 KVML at 6:47, 7:47 and 8:47am.

Written by mark@mlode.com