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Cox Reacts To Healthcare Vote

Sacramento, CA – While a single-payer healthcare plan passed through the California Senate, District One Republican Senator Dave Cox was one of the votes in opposition.

“It’s frankly a situation where this bill’s revival comes at the middle of the state’s worst fiscal crisis,” says Cox. “It has a huge public cost and creates a lot of uncertainty when we can least afford it.”

The plan passed 22-14 on a straight Democratic party-line vote. The state plan is similar to what the Obama Administration is proposing at the federal level.

Senator Dave Cogdill has also released a statement reading, “The same government that has run its fiscal train off the cliff wants to continue to add to our mounting deficit.”

The bill was introduced by Senator Mark Leno of San Francisco, and has gained a majority support among Democrats.

Senate Bill 810 now moves onto the Assembly. Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed similar healthcare reform efforts in the past.

Written by bjhansen@mlode.com.