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Down But Not Out

Sacramento, CA — Governor Schwarzenegger; down but not out.

A Field Poll released over the weekend indicates that Governor Schwarzenegger has but a 27 percent approval rating and that’s the lowest ever for the two-term governor.

1,232 registered voters took part in the poll between January 5-17th. Only seven percent of those polled believe he will leave office with California in better shape than when he took office in 2003. 59 percent of those polled stated that California will be in worse shape when the Governor leaves office then when he came to Sacramento. 

Speaking at the Sacramento Press Club Luncheon Monday Schwarzenegger joked that at home he only gets a 20 percent approval rating and then on a more serious note he added that Californians have a right to be mad about the way things are going in the state these days.

The governor added that he will continue to fight for California. He remains optimistic that California will receive $7 billion from the Federal Government in an effort to help balance the budget.

Written by bill.johnson@mlode.com