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California Chasing Federal Education Dollars

Sacramento, CA — Tuesday the California State Assembly barely passed legislation that would allow California to compete for federal dollars to upgrade the state’s educational system.

According to the Sacramento Bee that legislation is expected to pass in the Senate today. Schwarzenegger has already stated that he will sign the legislation making California eligible to apply for up to $700 million in federal grants.

The Assembly plan would allow parents to force significant changes in failing schools through signature-gathering drives. The plan would also allow students in the 1,000 lowest scoring schools to transfer to other institutions.

Opponents of the legislation labeled it as too sweeping, too risky, too divisive and too hastily written in an attempt to meet the January 19th Federal deadline.

Opponents include the California Teachers Association, one of the most powerful special interest groups in the state, the California Federation of Teachers, California School Boards Association and the Association of California School Administrators.

Written by bill.johnson@mlode.com