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Advice For Celebrating 2012 Safely

San Andreas, CA — The Calaveras County Sheriff Department encourages residents to have a safe holiday and to avoid drinking and driving. Srt. Rachelle Whiting says, “New Year is historically one of the most dangerous nights to be on the road.”

Sgt. Whiting says the Calaveras County Sheriff Department will be fully staffed and out in force. She added, “Be alert, keep an eye out for each other, monitor your alcohol intake, and don’t leave drinks unattended.”

Sgt. Whiting also notes that injuries caused by firing guns into the air, or “celebratory gunfire” can easily be avoided by ringing in the New Year with a bell not a bang.

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jeff Wilson reminds the public of the dangers each year of “celebratory gunfire,” because of his experience in Los Angeles where people have been injured by stray bullets. Sgt. Wilson is not aware of any injuries Tuolumne County due to guns being fired at midnight. He noted that fireworks are illegal in Tuolumne County and that law enforcement and the fire department will be out in full force.

The video with this news story are outtakes from MythBuster’s 2006 episode that explained  how and why bullets fired into the air can be lethal. They demonstrated that a bullet fired upward at even a slightly non-vertical angle will maintain its spin and reach a high enough speed returning to the ground to be lethal.

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