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Yosemite National Park Begins Pile Burning

Yosemite Valley, CA– Next week Yosemite National Park will start debris pile burning.

Park officials say burning locations will initially include Foresta, a small community surrounded by the park. Future pile burning will take place in the Merced Grove, as well as multiple areas along the Wawona Road such as Bills Hill, Camp Wawona and the South Entrance.

“We burn these piles of debris in order to help the forest so that it’s healthy and there’s not lots of debris that is impeding younger trees and vegetation from coming through,” said Park Ranger Kari Cobb. “And in addition, if a forest fire were to start, by clearing the forest and burning the piles, it reduces the chances of a wild fire burning through the area at high temperatures that could possible get out of control.”

Piles of debris are typically burned during the spring and fall when the weather conditions are cooler and there is a higher amount of precipitation. Burn piles generally consist of down and dead forest material, such as tree limbs, logs, and brush.

Cobb says visitors and the surrounding communities should expect minimal smoke due to pile burning in the Yosemite area. The debris burning begins Monday, May 16th.

Written by tina.falco@mlode.com