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Statewide Litter Pickup Day

Sonora, CA– Caltrans is holding its annual statewide Litter Removal and Enforcement Day on Earth Day tomorrow. This event is to enhance public awareness of the volume and cost associated with removing litter, trash and debris along highways and roadways.

Last year, Caltrans spent almost $50 million on litter removal throughout the State Highway System. Over 141,000 cubic yards of letter were collected and disposed. That’s about 8,860 Caltrans garbage trucks full of litter.

“Litter on roadways can actually present a wide range of serious threats to the environment and health,” said Caltrans spokesperson Chantell Miller. “Wildlife can suffer from plastics, roadside vegetation can be damaged by large debris and fires can be started from burning cigarettes. There’s just a variety of issues, and it can even aid in the spread of disease.”

In Tuolumne County, crews will be in the Sonora area clearing the median and vista points on Highway 108 and Highway 120.  In Calaveras County, crews will be in the West Point area on Highway 12, Highway 26 and Highway 49.

Written by tina.falco@mlode.com

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