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California Gas Highest In The U.S

Walnut Creek, CA– With increases at the pump at an all time high, consumers are dealing with gas prices they haven’t seen since 2008, according to the latest report from AAA Northern California.

AAA says that every Northern California metro area tracked saw a major, double digit increase at the pump over the past month. California’s average for a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline is $3.91, up 50 cents since last month’s report on February 8th. For comparison, that’s 84 cents higher than California’s average price on this date last year.

Northern California gas prices are now averaging $3.90, up 48 cents from last month. In the San Francisco Bay Area, motorists can expect to pay an average price of $3.96, which is a 48-cent increase.

The national average price of $3.52 is up by 40 cents, which is 77 cents more than the national price on this date last year, when it was $2.75.

“Largely due to unrest in the Middle East, investors have been willing to speculate that prices will increase further and that they will be able to make a profit on the product they are purchasing today. As a result, oil and gasoline prices have moved significantly higher,” explained AAA Northern California spokesperson Matt Skryja. “Until this uncertainty is removed from the market we can expect both crude oil and gasoline prices to continue to rise in the coming days and weeks.”

The least expensive average price in Northern California can be found in Modesto, where regular is $3.84. Of all the metro areas in Northern California where gas prices are tracked by AAA, Eureka’s average price of $4.06 is the highest. It’s also the highest price reported by AAA in the lower 48 states. The average price for unleaded regular gas in downtown Sonora is $3.89 a gallon.

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Written by tina.falco@mlode.com