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Denham And Lungren Support Repeal

Washington, DC — The U.S. House voted 245-189 to repeal President Obama’s Health Care Reform legislation. Mother Lode Congressional representatives Jeff Denham and Dan Lungren, both Republicans, voted for the repeal.

“The law (past last year) does not address rising health care costs and it places the massive federal bureaucracy between patients and their doctors,” says Lungren. “Personal health care decisions should be made by patients, families and doctors, not by bureaucrats or politicians in Washington.”

Most consider the House vote to be symbolic, as the repeal is not expected to pass in the Democratically controlled Senate. It would also have to be signed by President Obama.

Congressman Denham states, “It is important that Republicans now begin working together to create a health care law that provides stability for the workforce and has a common vision for the future.”

President Obama has argued that the health care reform package he signed last year will spread coverage to millions that currently lack it, and says it will help reduce the federal deficit over the next decade. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office agrees. Republicans contest the notion and call the package a “job killer”, arguing that 1.6 million jobs will be lost over the next few years because of its implementation.  

Beginning in 2014 Americans will be required to have health insurance and new marketplaces called exchanges will be created in each state for businesses and individuals to choose from private plans that meet government standards.

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