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Lots Of Litter Removed

Sonora, CA– Mother Lode highways have less litter thanks to a Caltrans statewide Litter Pickup Day event.

The statewide Litter Removal Day was April 25th. Caltrans maintenance crews in Tuolumne County picked up over 160 bags of litter and debris. Four Adopt-A-Highway groups also participated with Caltrans for the event. The number of bags of garbage collected was double what was removed two years ago in Tuolumne.

In Calaveras County, Caltrans picked up more than 86 bags of litter and debris from Highway 12 and Highway 49. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2600 and The Calaveras Lodge #78 Adopt-A-Highway groups also participated in the event. In 2011 only 32 bags of litter were removed.

According to Caltrans last year over $52 million was spent on litter removal throughout the State Highway System. Over 160,000 cubic yards, or 10,000 garbage trucks full of litter, were collected and disposed.

Caltrans noted many problems associated with litter, “In addition to the economic costs, litter presents a wide range of serious threats to the environment and human health: wildlife can suffer from plastics in the environment; roadside vegetation can be damaged by large debris; fires can be started from burning cigarettes that can threaten human health; harmful chemicals and biohazards can cause a serious threat to human health; litter can clog roadway drainage systems that can lead to wet-weather highway flooding, congestion and accidents, and can aid in the spread of disease.”

For more information on the Adopt-A-Highway Program, visit www.adopt-a-highway.dot.ca.gov