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Pump Prices Continue To Dip This Week

Sonora, CA – Mother Lode motorists may enjoy gassing up at the pump a little more than usual this week.

That is because across the state, Californians are paying about $2.93, on average, which is 12 cents less than a month ago for a gallon of regular unleaded gas and about a cent less than last week, continuing a four-week downtrend. Northern Californians are forking over slightly more – this week by about two cents per gallon.

It is good news for local wallets and happening in the Golden State as a bit of a rarity, because the continuing price decline is occurring as prices are beginning to rise for the first time in five weeks across other states. This may well signal an increase in the wings for California, however.

AAA Northern California officials maintain it is due to the fact that West Coast refineries are producing their highest output since last August, which helps to regionally stabilize prices.

The highest rates, which are being reported in South Lake Tahoe are $3.25/gallon. While San Francisco fuel stops might run $3.10, most Bay Area cities are paying about ten cents less than that.

Locally, in Sonora, prices as low as $2.65/gallon – some 28 cents lower than the current average state rate — are being reported, although the range runs up to $3.09, which is almost what San Franciscans are paying. In San Andreas, costs seem to be running between $2.79 and $2.85/gallon, as viewable here in the MyMotherLode.com local gas prices section.

The page is also accessible from the homepage by clicking on the Traffic tab where you will find the link to click on for local gas prices.