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Fish & Game Favoritism of Kennedy Meadows Resort

Regarding Opening Trout Season 2012/Kennedy Meadows & Fish & Game:
Is it only me or does Fish & Game do favoritism with the planting of MOST of OUR trout to Kennedy Meadows each & every year?

To remind you, Kennedy Meadows is a FOR-PROFIT Resort. WE PAY for the trout planted in OUR waters, supposedly equally divided throughout the area for ALL fishermen to catch & enjoy.

Yet EVERY fisherman I spoke with last weekend & there were lots, had NO luck in MOST of the campsites or fishing areas. Then you go to Kennedy Meadows & fishermen were spaced about 3-4 feet apart, mostly catching fish & limits. I understand most campsites were still closed, but lead in areas close to the road could of been planted too, dividing the trout equally so ALL of us LICENSE CARRYING fishermen could get our money’s worth.

Is there a “PAY-OFF” here we all just don’t see? Wise up people, YOUR fees YOU PAY are being used FOR a PROFIT MAKING BUSINESS called KENNEDY MEADOWS.

VOICE your DISPLEASURE with the FAVORITISM to EACH FISH & GAME WARDEN you see, CALL the main office & SHAME ON Fish & Game & Greedy Kennedy Meadows for pilfering OUR TROUT that WE PAY FOR! Better yet GET A REFUND FROM FISH & GAME FOR THE TROUT WE ARE NOT GETTING!!

Voice your outrage, CALL Fish & Game Hatchery Manager for the region: Greg Kollenborn 559-243-4014 Ext. 257