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Modesto Officer Assaulted

At about 1:30 this morning, a Modesto Police Officer, whos name is not being released at this time, was assaulted when making a routine traffic stop at Sisk Road and Briggsmore Avenue. When the officer was speaking with the 3 subjects in the black 1999 Tahoe, the driver, identified as 33 year old James E. Miller began to back talk the officer. Miller was taken into custody upon the stop. The second suspect, Shemick F. Watt, 29, reached over the front seat and turned on the engine. The officer, moved out of the way as the Tahoe began to pull away, only as the back up officer fired 2 shots at Watt. About one block from the original stopping point, Watt lost control of the car and was later captured. Both Miller and Watt were on parole, and upon a search of the vehicle, a 9mm handgun was found which is a parole violation for both men. A third person who fled the scene, is wanted for questioning and no charges have been brought against him. If you have information, call the Modesto Police Department.