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Oakland Airport Tightens Security

Spot checks on security personnel at Oakland

International Airport performed last month found
the guards often asleep or missing from their stations. Now Oakland airport officials want to replace the private firm guards with Alameda County Sheriff´s
deputies after the inspections

revealed lax security in more than 30 instances.

ABC Security is the firm currently contracted with Oakland´s
main airport to patrol parking lots and guard various areas. In light of the poor spot check results, airport management is set to talk with the Oakland officials
about expanding the sheriff department´s role at the facilities.

They couldn´t get enough support for a strike. So the union representing 27-thousand
workers has reluctantly accepted a contract from Northern California´s two biggest grocery chains. Labor leaders call the contract “not fair and not adequate”
for employees who have been struggling to afford the region´s high housing costs.

The deal ends weeks of fighting between the United Food and
Commercial Workers union and chains Safeway and Albertson´s, which had been negotiating as a team. The contract will raise wages by an average of ten
percent over three years. The union wanted more.