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Logging Halted Near Eureka

(Sacramento-AP) — A federal judge has ordered a temporary halt to logging in a roadless area of the Six
Rivers National Forest east of Eureka in Northern California.

The U-S Forest Service has been ordered to stop the logging project for 10 days, until a
lawsuit filed by seven conservation groups can be heard in more detail.

The suit seeks more study of the impact of logging more than a thousand acres
in the Trinity Alps area of Humboldt County. The groups say the area has about 330 acres designated as roadless


The Forest Service is
referring calls to a federal prosecutor, who says he can´t comment.

The area was logged by two timber companies before it was burned in 1999. The
companies are negotiating with the Forest Service to

resume logging under what environmentalists contend is the guise of fire protection

Among areas to be logged, they say, is an a watershed where millions of dollars has been spent to restore salmon habitat.