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Sorry, We´re Out Of The Talking Bush Doll

If hearing President Bush on the news isn´t enough, why not buy a mini-Bush to take home?

A 12-inch Bush doll has been a hot item for a small Irvine company. It sold out a first shipment of 12,000 this week and a second shipment isn´t coming in until after Christmas.

The little fake Bush has 17 actual sound bites, both comedic and political. He’ll tell you things like “We´re working hard to put food on your family” and “Terrorism against our nation will not stand.”

After a picture of the $29.99 doll was posted on the Drudge Report Web site last week, the company got 600-thousand Web hits in a single day.

The co-founders of Talking Presidents-dot-com say this is just the beginning. A talking Ronald Reagan is in the works for the spring. After that, they plan to create talking Richard Nixons, Bill Clintons, John F. Kennedys and George H-W Bushes.