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Davis Denies Fundraising Link To Decade Old Scandal

Governor Gray Davis appeared at a labor get-out-the-vote rally in the Los Angeles suburb of Gardena Saturday. Reporters asked Davis about a possible link between his campaign fundraising of a decade ago to a state commission member convicted of bribery. Both the Sacramento Bee and San Francisco Chronicle say sources reported Davis is the unnamed state official in claims made by the convicted Coastal Commission member in a bid for a reduced sentence in 1993.

Davis´ election opponent Republican Bill Simon repeated his demand Saturday that Davis disclose whether he was the official named by Mark Nathanson. The governor said, “This is the second totally false and reckless charge that’s come out of the Simon campaign in the last ten days.” Davis referred to a withdrawn allegation of illegal fund-raising that Simon made against the governor earlier this month. That charge that Davis accepted campaign funds inside a state office when he was lieutenant governor proved to be erroneous.