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Green Party Candidate Speaks Out

Green Party Candidate for governor Peter Camejo speaks strongly about social justice, his stance against war and support of legalized drugs. Now he just hopes someone is listening. The gubernatorial candidate´s message has gone largely unheard by Californians. Not to mention he´s been shut out of the one debate between Democratic Governor Gray Davis and Republican Bill Simon.

Camejo says voters would like his message if they heard it and believes it would be a three-way race if he were allowed in televised debates. His supporters say that with two-thirds of voters lamenting a choice between the lesser of two evils Camejo may have a chance. Camejo says he wants to ban fund-raising while in office, abolish the death penalty and legalize all undocumented immigrants. A recent Los Angeles Times poll put Camejo far behind Davis and Simon with only four percent of those surveyed.