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Hate Crime Murder Suspects Held Without Bail

Three young men are being held without bail in Northern California in the murder of a cross-dressing 17-year-old boy. The body of Eddie Araujo of Newark was found Wednesday in a shallow grave in El Dorado County. Police say one of the suspects led officers to the body.

The defendants in the San Francisco Bay area suburb of Newark allegedly gashed the youth´s head during a beating because he was dressed as a girl. Then he was pulled semi-conscious into a garage where a rope was tightened around his neck until he seemed to be dead.

A police affidavit added that the body was taken about 150 miles to a remote spot in the Sierra foothills and buried in a shallow grave.

Accused of murder with a hate-crime enhancement were Newark residents 27-year-old Michael William Magidson, 24-year-old Jose Antonio Merel and 19-year-old Jaron Chase Nabors.