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Giuliani Accompanies Bill Simon On Campaign Tour

Republican nominee for governor Bill Simon is accompanied by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani at campaign stops in three cities today. At a rally at a hotel near Burbank Airport, Simon said of the final three weeks of the campaign, “I feel that we´re on the verge of a surge… We´re taking it to Gray Davis right now!”

Simon and Giuliani then headed from Burbank to San Diego. They planned to meet with supporters and attend this evening´s San Diego Chargers game. The long campaign day ends near Fresno with a fund-raising dinner.

Simon is well behind the Democratic governor in recent polls and fund-raising and has been battered by a series of controversies. Giuliani was Simon´s boss when both were federal prosecutors in New York. Giuliani said he once won an election that polls showed he would lose.

Incumbent Governor Davis is to bring in some Democratic Party heavy hitters of his own later this month. They include former President Bill Clinton and Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman. And it will be Davis´ turn to take a campaign tour around the state next weekend.