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Governor´s Campain Donations Scrutinized

The 64 million dollars that Governor Gray Davis raised for his re-election campaign has a reported major share of donations from people appointed to state boards and commissions. A Los Angeles Times analysis of campaign finance records shows nearly one-fifth of contributions to the Democratic governor’s campaign were linked to such sources.

There are 75 boards with statewide authority, which have at least one Davis donor. A total of more than 240 of the campaign contributions were given directly or through spouses and corporate or union groups. The newspaper says several of the appointee donations occurred within weeks of receipt of a state commission or board post.

Davis campaign spokesman Roger Salazar said of the timing of appointments and campaign donations: “It´s making a connection that doesn´t exist.” The Davis campaign spokesman added, “It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people who are active in politics are going to want to serve on boards and commissions.”