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Big Pigs In San Jose

Dry weather has lured a herd of 400-pound wild pigs to the lush lawns of South San Jose. Resident Dean Tarrant says he liked the idea of being close to wildlife when he moved into California Maison, a condo complex on the edge of the city´s greenbelt. But he didn´t expect to confront un-intimidated, tusked boars in his driveway. State wildlife officials say wild pigs, mountain lions and deer have been moving into communities near open spaces throughout Santa Clara, San Benito and Monterey counties. Each of the roughly 30 wild pigs is the size of a refrigerator turned on its side. Gardeners say they have given up on the lawn, since the hogs root around in the grass for bugs and worms. State wildlife officials say wild pigs have invaded Bay Area communities at least twice in recent years.