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Stayner A “Humane” Killer: Doctor

Convicted Yosemite murderer Cary Stayner was not as cruel and sadistic as others. That´s according to a prominent psychiatrist who testified in San Jose yesterday in the sanity phase of Stayner´s trial. Doctor Park Dietz says Stayner showed some empathy and was not as twisted as some serial killers he´s seen. The testimony came under cross-examination from defense lawyer Michael Burt. He´s trying to show Stayner was crazy when he tricked his way into the room of three Yosemite National Park tourists staying at the rustic motel where he worked as a handyman. Stayner was convicted last month of murdering Carole Sund, her daughter, Juli, and their Argentine friend, Silvina Pelosso, in February 1999. If found sane, he could get the death penalty.