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Stayner Dwelled On His Failures

Yosemite killer Cary Stayner thought about killing himself but didn’t plan to carry it out.

Testifying in Stayner’s triple-homicide trial Thursday, Doctor Joseph Wu said Stayner answered in a multiple-choice questionnaire that he was disgusted with himself and dwelled on his failures.

Wu examined Stayner’s brain two years ago. He has said abnormalities in Stayner’s brain could make him to more prone to violence and aggression. In court Friday, he said his methods often come under scrutiny by prosecution consultants when he testifies in death penalty cases.

He also said he previously had found that in 20 to 30 accused murderers he studied all had brain abnormalities. Since then, he said he’s found a couple with normal brains.

Stayner’s lawyers say their client was insane when he killed Carole and Juli Sund and Silvina Pelosso in 1999.