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Stayner”s Brain Damaged, Says Doctor

A neuropsychologist has testified that the brain of Yosemite killer Cary Stayner is probably damaged in a region that controls emotional impulses.

Ruben Gur is a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania. At Stayner´s triple-homicide trial in San Jose today, Gur said tests showed Stayner was above average in intelligence, but was impaired psychologically.

One test indicated that Stayner has some damage between the center of his brain where emotional impulses are produced and the frontal lobe that controls those urges.

Stayner has pleaded innocent by reason of insanity to killing Carole and Juli Sund and Silvina Pelosso in 1999. He could be executed if convicted.

Stayner is already serving a life sentence for murdering a park nature guide.