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Hearn Still Critical

Chick Hearn, the broadcast voice of the Los Angeles Lakers for 42 years, remains in critical condition after two surgeries for a head injury suffered in a fall. Northridge Hospital Medical Center spokeswoman Kate Preston said of the 85-year-old Hearn: “There´s no change, Chick is still in critical condition, recovering from two craniotomies.” In each of the operations yesterday, doctors at the hospital in the San Fernando Valley opened the skull of the 85-year-old Hearn to stop the flow of blood and its pressure on his brain. He was injured in a fall in his backyard Friday evening. A neurologist said after the second operation to remove pools of blood beneath the skull, that if Hearn has a full recovery he is still likely to have speech difficulty. That´s due to probable damage to the left side of the brain caused by the hemorrhaging. Asked by a reporter if Hearn is unlikely to resume his radio-television career, Doctor Asher Taban said: “Unfortunately, its probable.”