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Gong Supporters In San Francisco

Five of 33 American supporters of Falun Gong expelled from China following a protest in Beijing were from the San Francisco Bay Area.

The five include 23-year-old Chun Lee of San Jose and 34-year-old Huy Lu of Daly City. Falun Gong supporters say they were badly beaten.

The other Bay Area activists who went to protest in Tiananmen Square were 23-year-old David Kute of San Rafael, 45-year-old Eugen Carai of Santa Clara and 33-year-old Steve Ipsas of Sunnyvale.

China banned Falun Gong in 1999 and considers it a cult. The country contradicted reports of inhumane treatment by Chinese police. It released a statement saying those detained at the protest were reprimanded, but were treated humanely