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Dog Mauling Case Continues

The trial of a San Francisco couple accused in a dog mauling death was linked in testimony today to white supremacist prison gang, directing a program to train warlike dogs. A State Corrections Department expert on prison gangs also produced a letter indicating the defendants´ offer of help, if an inmate directing the vicious-dog training tried to escape.

The prosecution at the trial in Los Angeles produced letters found at the home of Robert Noel and Marjorie Knoller, accused in the death of neighbor Dianne Whipple, in an apartment hallway early last year. Along with letters found in the cells of two Aryan Brotherhood inmates at Pelican Bay State prison, the prosecution tried to show the jury that Noel, Knoller and the inmates were working together to train the animals for the “Dog O´ War” business.

Also noted in court today was an effort to tip off one of the inmates to the location in the prison system of his arch enemy, a dropout from the Aryan brotherhood.

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