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New Feature! My Motherlode Forum

Welcome to MyMotherlode Community Forum. In our continuing effort to provide content of interest to the Mother Lode community, we have launched this “Letters to The Editor” style forum page.

We receive many letters and comments from our viewers in response to our news, our polls, or just suggestions of interest, and we think many of these should be shared with the community. If you have something to say, and would like to share it, please email your letter to letters@mymotherlode.com (you can click the link in the grey box at the bottom of this page).

A couple of things to keep in mind:

You must include your name, address and phone number for possible verification. We will print only your name and city.

Please read the disclaimer on this page. We do not guarantee publication of your letter. Letters will be selected by our editorial staff depending on space allocated and the criteria outlined in the disclaimer.

While we consider ourselves a local forum, our pages are viewable worldwide, and we have a large number of viewers from outside our community who use MyMotherLode.com as a source of information about the Mother Lode area.

So…..the lines are open at letters@mymotherlode.com. How about that ecstacy documentary? Think Robert Blake looks a little stressed? (Wonder what happened to the Parrot?). Is your wheelchair stuck in a sidewalk crack? Are our government officials doing their job? Something funny happen to you on your way to the forum? Let´s hear from you!

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