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Evidence Involves Hair and Pliers

The first evidence in Scott Peterson´s preliminary hearing today involves a strand of hair – and a pair of pliers.

Prosecutors in Modesto, California say a hair belonging to Peterson´s wife, Laci, was lodged in pliers found in his fishing boat.

Scott Peterson is accused in the death of his wife and unborn son, whose remains were found last spring in San Francisco Bay. The hearing will determine whether he stands trial for murder.

Today, an FBI expert described the DNA analysis that was used to match the hair with a strand from Laci Peterson. Scott Peterson´s attorney disputes the linkage – and suggests the evidence may have been altered. The item was originally listed as a single hair. But prosecutors said it broke in half during the investigation.

Families of both Scott and Laci Peterson were in the courtroom today. The hearing is expected to continue several days.

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