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Forest Service To Continue Maintenance Work

National Forest employees will continue to do maintenance work on trails, facilities and grounds, following competitive sourcing studies comparing the costs to those of private sector contractors.

Tom Quinn, Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor said, “I am thrilled that our Stanislaus employees have demonstrated their ability to effectively and successfully compete with other sources for accomplishing this part of our mission and service to the public.”

On all 18 National Forests in California, duties of a total of 535 employees, whose jobs also include other duties, were studied in strict compliance with guidelines established by the Office of Management and Budget, USDA and Forest Service to ensure accuracy, consistency and fairness. These employees will now work under a Letter of Obligation, which is essentially the government’s contract to accomplish the work.

As the government-wide competitive sourcing studies continue, decisions are expected in early December on vehicle fleet maintenance and roads maintenance. These studies, which are more complex than those leading to today’s announcement, include development of a Most Efficient Organization (MEO) as the basis for in-house bids. These MEO’s are typically smaller than the existing organization, so changes in the fleet and roads maintenance workforce are expected whether the work stays in-house or goes to private sector contractors.

For more information regarding the competitive sourcing process on the Stanislaus National Forest, contact Sue Warren in the Forest Supervisor’s Office at (209) 532-3671 ext 321.