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One Day to Go, Poll Shows Schwarzenegger Slipping

As the candidates enter the final day of campaigning in California´s gubernatorial recall, a weekend poll suggests Arnold Schwarzenegger´s support may be slipping.

The Knight-Ridder poll shows Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante, the leading Democrat among the replacement candidates, is gaining on Schwarzenegger, who has 36 percent of the vote, to Bustamante´s 29 percent.

Some 15 women have come forward and accused Schwarzenegger of sexual harassment over the last 20 years. The Republican front-runner calls the allegations “made up stories.” This after he apologized for some “bad” behavior on “rowdy movie sets.”

Meantime, current governor Gray Davis tells CNN´s “Larry King Live” that Schwarzenegger is in a “free fall” and could be overtaken in the closing hours of the campaign.