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Director Defends Schwarzenegger

The man whose book proposal quoted Arnold Schwarzenegger as expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler is defending the actor.

The remarks were said to have been made by Schwarzenegger during the filming of the bodybuilding documentary “Pumping Iron” in 1975 and contained in transcripts from a book proposal made by director George Butler.

Butler says in a statement that the remarks taken from the film´s outtakes “were not in context.”

Schwarzenegger was said to have told an interviewer that he admired Hitler´s rise to power and wished he could have experienced the thrill Hitler must have had in speaking to huge audiences.

However, Butler says in the same interview, Schwarzenegger said that in Germany “they used power and authority but it was used in the wrong way.”

Schwarzenegger said on Friday that he despises Hitler. Meanwhile, media in his native Austria report that the action star helped break up a neo-Nazi march there in 1964, when he was a teenager.

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