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Issa Endorses Schwarzenegger

The Republican congressman who bankrolled the effort to recall Governor Gray Davis endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger today as a replacement for Davis.

Northern San Diego County Congressman Darrell Issa says Schwarzenegger is the only candidate positioned to end what he called the failed policies of Davis and other Democrats. Issa spent nearly $2 million of his own money to get the recall on the ballot.

Also taking a shot at Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante who is the top Democrat in polls to succeed Davis, Issa said of Schwarzenegger “…only one man has been able to stand above the rest to make it clear that there will be a direction change away from the pay-to-play Bustamante-Davis way of doing business.”

Along with Issa, during the past day Schwarzenegger earned key endorsements from California´s Republican County Chairmen´s Association and Bill Simon.

Los Angeles businessman Simon was the GOP nominee when Davis won re-election last November.