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Davis and Recall Candidates Pushing Hard

During yesterday´s lively debate between California’s recall candidates, one man was barely mentioned: Governor Davis. Instead, the five candidates hoping to replace the Democratic governor focused on criticizing each other.

Davis gets his own televised appearance later today. He will host a town hall meeting on the NBC Burbank lot. The meeting will be aired in Burbank on the local NBC affiliate there for one hour.

Meanwhile, ABC radio talk show host Sean Hannity will interview Arnold Schwarzenegger in a town hall meeting in Los Angeles at noon.

Cruz Bustamante will also be in Los Angeles this morning. He will propose a program to help military families make up for income lost while their loved ones are serving on active duty.

Republican state Senator Tom McClintock will be on a variety of TV shows today and tonight.

Independent candidate Arianna Huffington will announce her crusade for a public financing of campaigns initiative in Sacramento.

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