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Huffington Leads Race…For Cool Commercials

Independent gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington continues to trail in the polls but leads in the race to bring the coolest campaign commercials to the Internet.

Her latest went up on her Web site today. It is a two-minute flash-animation cartoon starring Huffington as a gun-toting sheriff who strides into Sacramento and shuts down the “Special Interest Brothel.”

Her raid nets Governor Davis, Cruz Bustamante and Republican candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are cavorting in their underwear. President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are seen in the background as dancing girls. In the cartoon, she tells the brothel´s inhabitants: “Your days of buying political favors are over.”

After shutting down the brothel, Huffington calls on people to support her efforts to put an initiative on the ballot that would require all state elections be financed by public money.

Earlier ads on the site have offered “The Match Your Candidate Game” and shown Huffington beating Schwarzenegger in a race that pitted her hybrid-powered car against his gas-guzzling Hummer.

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