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Davis Wants Voting Held As Planned

California Governor Gray Davis campaigned to retain his job with former vice president Al Gore by his side when he learned the date of the recall election remains in doubt. At issue in prolonged federal court consideration of whether the voting should be delayed is the use in six California counties of old-style punch-card voting systems.

The punch cards and their “hanging chads” were a chief concern in another court battle three years ago over the Florida vote which cost Gore election as president. That case was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. It is likely the California recount case will end up at the nation´s high court as well.

Davis said during a campaign stop with Gore in Los Angeles that he wants the voting held as scheduled. Davis said: “I believe we will beat the recall on October seventh. My attitude is — let´s just get it over with, let´s just have this election on October seventh — put this recall behind us so we can get on with governing the state of California.”

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