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Schwarzenegger Does the Stern Show

On his radio talk show this morning, Howard Stern asked Arnold Schwarzenegger about everything from the lap dance ban in Los Angeles to the court ruling that has delayed the recall election.

The Republican hopeful says he’s confident the election will take place as planned on October 7. He tells Stern the people’s will is more important than the decision of three judges.

When Stern asked Schwarzenegger his opinion on the Los Angeles city council’s ban on lap dances, the actor said it was a local issue.

Schwarzenegger says he’s focused on the “big picture” of bringing more jobs and improving the education system in California.

Schwarzenegger says he doesn´t mind making sacrifices, like spending millions of dollars of his own money for his campaign, because he says California has been so good to him. He tells Stern the media attention has been intense, but says he still gets the chance to work out at home everyday to stay in shape.

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