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Schwarzenegger Skirting McClintock´s Offer to Debate

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom McClintock had a date of sorts this morning. The hosts of a Sacramento talk radio program, “Armstrong and Getty,” arranged a surprise on-air confrontation between the two.

McClintock asked Schwarzenegger repeatedly to debate him, and the actor demurred. McClintock asked “We´ve got a Republican convention coming up this weekend, you and I are the two Republican candidates now left in the race, why don´t we get together and discuss the major issues of this campaign?”

Schwarzenegger replied that he´d be, in his words, “more than happy” to “get together” with the state senator from Northridge.

McClintock repeated his question. “Can we do that in a debate before the convention Saturday? We´re both going to be there,” he said.

Schwarzenegger replied saying “No,” adding that he would be more than happy to meet with McClintock and discuss issues.

The actor then told McClintock the important thing is to work together on issues.

McClintock extended the debate offer a final time and Schwarzenegger signed off by saying, “We will talk about all those things, and we will have a great time at the Republican convention.”