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Labor Group Could Endorse Bustamante, “Ah-nold” on Offense

The California Labor Federation is expected to decide today whether to broaden its anti-recall campaign and endorse Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante.

The Federation already is a key opponent of the recall aimed at Governor Davis. It favored the idea of keeping Democrats off part two of the recall ballot to solidify support for Davis.

But other unions, including the powerful teachers´ union, have endorsed Bustamante´s strategy of a “No on Recall, Yes on Bustamante” campaign.

The Federation may decide having a backstop to Davis is a good idea.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking his case to talk radio. He tells “The Roger Hedgecock Show,” in San Diego, it makes mathematical sense for GOP candidates who trail him to drop out, as one did on Saturday. But, he says it´s not for him to ask.