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Poll: “Ah-nold” Losing Steam in Recall Race

A new poll by the Los Angeles times shows Arnold Schwarzenegger is losing steam in the race to replace governor Davis.

The poll shows the actor is leading the pack of Republicans, but he’s trailing top Democratic hopeful Cruz Bustamante. 35 percent of the likely voters polled support the lieutenant governor, over Schwarzenegger’s 22 percent.

Two other top Republicans trailed well behind Schwarzenegger, with 12 percent pulling for state Senator Tom McClintock and just seven percent for former baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth.

Another leading Republican, Bill Simon, pulled out over the weekend, saying there were too many Republicans in the race. He may be right. Analysts say Republicans are winning the recall effort, but the divided field gives an advantage to Democrats.

Both McClintock and Ueberroth say they’re in the race until the end.