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Schwarzenegger to get Specific Today

Arnold Schwarzenegger says in his first television advertisement that he wants to be “the people´s governor.” The 60-second commercial is set to begin airing across California today.

In the ad, the Republican actor makes no mention of the candidates he is running against, or of Governor Davis. Instead, he sounds a campaign theme that seeks to align him with hardworking residents against politicians and special interests.

Schwarzenegger doesn´t say precisely what he would do to fix the state´s problems. But he says he stands for “fiscally responsible government” and “rebuilding California´s economic engine.”

Schwarzenegger is one of 135 candidates on the recall ballot. He´s the first candidate to buy television ad time.

His ad is scheduled to air the same day the actor is to meet with his economic team.

Schwarzenegger will also hold an extended question-and-answer session with political reporters later today.